It’s time to paddle

Hitra is known for its great archipelago

Kayaking around Hitra you can paddle between beautiful islands, and experience the coastal nature. If you paddle on shallow water you can see crabs, small fish and shells. If you paddle in seaweed areas seals can appear. If you are lucky you will also get to see porpoises. Even dolphins and whales have commonly been spotted over recent years. When you climb into the kayak you are practically almost in the sea yourself, and can get wherever you want. It is a sense of achievement, a sense of freedom, and last but not least, a sense of happiness.



Rules for renting

We require that the person who is going to hire a kayak have to show a valid wet card. Payment and delivery can be agreed apon. When it comes to the kayak and all the equipment, they are to be washed with fresh water before returning. We offer washing facilities. Included in the price is kayak, veins, and vest.

Price per day, 350 kr
Price per week, 1500 kr