Fishing holiday

Seaside Apartments is located on the island Fjellværøy, right next to the large island Hitra. Here you will experience nature at it’s best, with wildlife including deer, sea otters, seal, porpoises, and many different species of fish. When you arrive you will receive instructions how to operate the boat safely, fishing techniques, and location of the best fishing grounds. The Boats are all equipped with lifejackets, safety gear, fish finder, GPS, chartplotters and maps, and the boats are powered by reliable outboard engines.

In waters around Seaside there are a large number of fish species, but you mainly catch cod, pollock, mackerel, halibut and redfish. To make your fishing holiday as good as possible, there is a fish cleaning station with lights and freezers. You will also find drying rooms for fishing clothes not far from your apartment.  We have grills and smokers available for outdoor cooking as well. What tastes better than freshly caught fish on the grill after a day at the sea?


After a holiday at Seaside at Fjellværøya, you have both your camera and your mind full of great memories.
You come to an island with scenic surroundings, where everything slows down, and you have time to relax and just enjoy life. Here you can sit on the terrace looking out over the horizon and watch the birds. You can take the boat and drive out on the open sea to catch today’s fish, and if you are lucky you can experience porpoise or dolphins around the boat at sunset.

You get sea salt in your hair, fresh air in your face, and you can prepare a good meal in quiet conditions. We promise you, it will make you smile. We will do our best to make your vacation here at Seaside Apartments a memorable experience.


“A great Place for Fishing. Near open sea, lots of islands, and Incredible sunsets. I would like to emphasize the employees who are always willing to advise and assist. The boats are also reliable. I’ll be back.”

-Roman Flajsingrc