All tours are on your own responsibility, and on your own. To explore on you own, or with your own tour mates, you have the great opportunities to do it your own way. If you want help with directions, history, or other things, we are there to help you.



– The old post road on Fjellværøya – From Sørbotten to Mastad.

About the tour:
This is a hiking trail that everyone can enjoy. It’s also ideal if you want to ride a baby stroller or wheelchair.

Barriers are set at both ends of the path, this to preserve it as the beautiful nature trail it is. During the trip there are several benches, so if you want to bring a small picnic basket and take a break along the way, the possibility is there. There are both large and small experiences along the way. You can see beehives, mushrooms, flowers, different trees and deer.


Did you know…
A long time ago, the water was 40 meters above the current sea level – and they have found whale bones not far from Mastaveien. Try to remember this as you walk along the nice quiet nature trail.

How do you get there?
There are several ways to get from Seaside to Mastadveien. You can choose to drive to where the trail begins, or you can go from Seaside. No matter if you want to walk or drive, turn left on the main road from Seaside. After about 1 km. On the right-hand side you will see a sign where it says Sørbotten – There is the start of the trail.


BussekaillSTUA, bussekailltunga AND dyrafjellet

– Be seduced by the mystery of the cave and the view from the mountain.

About the tour:
This is a trip for the adventurous. There are many possibilities for setting up the trip, but we recommend you see Bussekaillstua, Bussekailltunga and Dyrafjellet. The cave entrance can be a little hard to find. We can tell you how to easily find it, but some of the fun may be looking for the entrance up in the rocks. Once you find it and get into the cave, you can feel the mystique and the story of the “bussekaill”. Do you want to do something fun for the kids, or maybe something romantic for your loved one? Then we recommend bringing torchlights and marshmallows for grilling in the cave. It is also possible to ignite bonfires ang grill food. This could be a nice break on the trip. During certain periods there is a ban on bonfires. – Ask us for more details around this. 

For the brave one, Bussekailltunga can be an experience. When you’re at the rocky rails where Bussekaillstua is located, you’ll see the Bussekailltunga sticking out. But keep in mind that the rocks are steep, and there are also deep cracks

When you leave the Bussekaill area, you can choose to return, or take the short trip up to Dyrafjellet. Fjellværøya’s second tallest mountain. There is a nice terrain up to the mountain and varied scenery. On the way up, you pass a staging that resembles a chair – Here you can take pictures with your tour mates. When you reach the summit you have an incredible view over Fjellværøya, Ulvøya, Nordøya, and on a good day you can see all the way to the neighbor island Frøya.

Did you know…
The “bussekaillan” settled into caves from Biscay Bay, and all the way up to Scandinavia and operated as pirates. 

How do you get there?
It’s possible to go from Nordbotn, or from Fjeldvær. Depending on the side you choose to go from, you will have a wide variety of experiences of the trip. Today the trail is marked. For further description of the road, ask us at Seaside Apartments. 



Lysløypa og Dragvatnet

– Here you can find peace

About the tour:
This trip is recommended for those who want to find peace. Here you can usually walk freely without meeting other hikers. The tour is for everyone, but we recommend tall boots/boots, as there may be some high grass in some places during the season.

You can choose to only walk “Lysløypa”, however we would highly recommend that you walk to Dragvatnet. We would highly recommend you to walk to Dragvatnet. An incredibly nice and peaceful water, where there are possibilities for igniting a bonfire and having a picnic. Note! During certain periods there is a ban on bonfires – Ask us for more details around this.

Take this trip when the sun starts to set, which is when it is truly great out there! When you are out there, in a moment you forget everything else. 

Did you know…
Dragvatnet is Fjellværøya’s largest freshwater lake

How do you get there?
Drive from Seaside and turn left at the main road, follow the signs to Fjeldvær – Turn right when you see a big football pitch – Follow the road until you reach the end of an asphalt, this is where the trail begins. Then follow the path and the lamps. About midway of the trip you find the detour of Dragvatnet. This is on your left-hand side. As the road is not marked, be wary so you don’t accidently pass the detour.